Report of suspected infringement of financial market provisions

Using this form, anyone may report to the Financial Supervisory Authority suspected infringements of financial market statutes or other provisions.

This form is not intended for the handling of disputes between entities supervised by FIN-FSA that provide financial services and products, and their customers. These disputes are covered by other procedures (for example, alternative dispute resolution bodies). Such cases are referred immediately to the appropriate supervision department of the Financial Supervisory Authority.

In connection with the making of a report, it is recommended that the report includes the name and contact details of the person making the report, so that FIN-FSA can, if necessary, ask the person to clarify the information reported or to provide further information. A report can, however, be made anonymously.

The report will be handled confidentially by FIN-FSA. FIN-FSA may, however, have to disclose information at a later stage, for example in a possible investigation request made to the police.  

Reports received are held in personal data files, as referred to in the Personal Data Act (523/1999).

Name and contact information of the person making the report

FIN-FSA will notify you about the receipt of the letter in writing without delay. A written acknowledgment will not be sent, however, if you so ask or if FIN-FSA has reason to believe that a written acknowledgment would jeopardise the protection of your identity.