Reform of the Reporting System Q&A

This page brings together Questions & Answers related to reform of the Financial Supervisory Authority’s system for reporting the financial standing and risks of supervised entities. The list will be updated as new questions arise. Questions related to electronic services can be found here (in Finnish).

Questions & Answers

How can reports be submitted to the new Reporting System?

Reports can be submitted to the Reporting System in three different ways

  • By uploading a report file (XBRL/XML/CSV) to the system
  • By submitting a report file directly from the reporter’s own system via an SFTP connection (Application to Application, A2A)
  • By completing web forms (recommended to be used only for a small number of forms)
    • No web forms are planned for CSDR7, CSDR9 and MMF data collections

How can a report file be produced when the reporting applications provided by the Financial Supervisory Authority (FIN-FSA) are no longer in use?

  • FIN-FSA reporting applications can be replaced by commercial products
  • Please note that provision of FIN-FSA reporting applications will be phased out as reporting is transferred to the new Reporting System
  • Eurofiling maintains a list of XBRL applications:

Should a report file be encrypted before it is submitted to the FIN-FSA?

  • Report files do not need to be encrypted when they are submitted to the new system

How can I produce an XBRL file?

  • An XBRL report can be produced from the reporter’s own information systems in cooperation with the reporter’s own IT service provider
  • An XBRL report can be produced with separate off-the-shelf software
  • The new Reporting System’s web forms can be used for reporting a small number of forms
  • Help with XBRL reporting is available on the internet, for example

I want to submit reports directly from my own system using an SFTP connection. What do I have to do?

  • Contact NewReportingSystem(at) and we can agree on establishing the connection

Can XBRL files be uploaded to the Portal as they are, and is it possible to browse tables and figures there and validate reports?

  • Files can be uploaded to the Portal, for example using the drag-and-drop function
  • It is possible to browse a submitted report
  • It is possible to download a submitted report in Excel format to the reporter’s own workstation
  • Files are validated immediately after they are submitted. Feedback on a report comes after its validation
  • The test environment can and should be used to validate a report before the report is submitted

In addition to browsing, is it possible in the system to amend reports/tables and to change and enter figures in them?

  • This option exists in web forms, but not in the other submission methods (report uploading, A2A)

Is caching possible and is there a test environment where the report is validated or directly in production?

  • In web forms, caching is possible
  • The test environment can and should be used to validate a report before the report is submitted

Can a report be uploaded to the Portal as multiple files?

  • A report must be a whole entity, i.e. the Portal is not able to combine several files into one report

Does the system send a message or acknowledgment of an accepted submission?

  • The system always sends validation feedback, which also states whether the report has been accepted or not
  • The system does not send a separate acknowledgment of submission

Does the Portal update subtotals of tables, etc. in real time, such as e.g. workbooks at present?

  • There are no plans for web forms to calculate subtotals

What file format should be used when submitting a report of a specific data collection?

  • File format depends on the data collection. A list of formats can be found here

For further information, please contact:

  • Questions related to the reform of the Reporting System: NewReportingSystem(a)