Management Group

Top row: Samu Kurri, Anneli Tuominen and Kaisa Forsström
Middle row: Erkki Rajaniemi, Tero Kurenmaa and Jyri Helenius
Bottom row: Pirjo Kyyrönen, Sonja Lohse and Armi Taipale

Anneli Tuominen           
LLM (trained on the bench), BSc Econ, Director General, Chair of the Management Group

Jyri Helenius
MSc Eng, Deputy Director General, Head of Banking Supervision

Kaisa Forsström
LLM, Head of Insurance Supervision

Samu Kurri
MSocSc, Head of Digitalisation and Analysis

Armi Taipale
LLM, MSc Econ, Head of Supervision of Capital Markets

Tero Kurenmaa
LLD, LLM, Head of Unit, Legal

Sonja Lohse
LLM (trained on the bench), Chief Advisor, Head of the Director General’s Staff

Erkki Rajaniemi
DSc Econ, LicLL, LLM (trained on the bench), Advisor to the Management

Pirjo Kyyrönen
LLM (trained on the bench), Senior Legal Advisor, Secretary to the Management Group

The Management Group convened 60 times during the year. The Director General's salary and fees totalled EUR 225,559.90. Salaries and fees paid to the other Management Group members totalled EUR 971,608.42.