The Board sets the specific objectives for the activities of the FIN-FSA, decides the operational principles, and guides and supervises achievement of the objectives and compliance with these principles.

In addition, the Board considers the budget of the FIN-FSA and submits it to the Board of the Bank of Finland for confirmation. In accordance with section 10 of the Act on the Financial Supervisory Authority (878/2008), the Board supplies the Parliamentary Supervisory Council at least once a year with a report on the operational objectives of the FIN-FSA and their achievement. This includes an assessment of expected changes in supervision, their impact on the accumulation of supervision fees and measures required by the expected changes.


Photo: The Board of the Financial Supervisory Authority 2021–2023  
Top row: Lasse Heiniö, Marja Nykänen and Leena Kallasvuo
Bottom row: Leena Mörttinen, Heli Backman and Vesa Vihriälä

Board 2020

Chair Marja Nykänen
LLM (trained on the bench), Deputy Governor of the Bank of Finland

Vice Chair Martti Hetemäki (until 8 April 2020)
DSocSc, Permanent State Secretary, Ministry of Finance 

Janne Häyrynen (as of 12 June 2020)
LLM, DSc Econ, Docent in Securities Market Law, Legislative Counsellor, Ministry of Finance

Outi Antila (until 13 February 2020)
LLM (trained on the bench) Director General, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health

Hannu Ijäs (14 February 2020–11 June 2020)
LLM (trained on the bench), Director, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health

Heli Backman (as of 12 June 2020)
LLM, Head of Department, Director General, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health 

Lasse Heiniö
MSc, (SHV) actuary approved by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health 

Markku Pohjola
BSc Econ

Vesa Vihriälä
DSocSc, Professor of Practice, University of Helsinki

The deputy member for Marja Nykänen was Katja Taipalus (DSocSc, Head of Department, Bank of Finland). The deputy member for Martti Hetemäki was Legislative Counsellor Janne Häyrynen until 11 June 2020. As of 12 June 2020, the deputy member for Janne Häyrynen was Markku Puumalainen (MSocSc, Senior Financial Adviser, Ministry of Finance). Director Hannu Ijäs acted as the deputy member for Outi Antila until 13 February 2020 and for Heli Backman as of 12 June 2020. The deputy member for Hannu Ijäs between 14 February 2020 and 11 June 2020 was Tarja Taipalus (MSc, (SHV) actuary approved by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Senior Mathematician, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health).

The Secretary to the Board was Pirjo Kyyrönen, Senior Legal Advisor. The Board convened 41 times during the year. Fees to the members and deputies in the year totalled EUR 59,508. No separate attendance fees were paid.

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