Financial Supervisory Authority on social media

The Financial Supervisory Authority (FIN-FSA) is active on X (former Twitter) and LinkedIn. On X, we mainly share information about the FIN-FSA’s activities and European supervisors. On LinkedIn, we focus on employer image communication. We also share recordings of FIN-FSA events on our YouTube channel and presentation material on SlideShare. We monitor discussion about Financial Supervision on all channels.

Why is the FIN-FSA not responding on X to my suspicion of an infringement or my question about an individual company, even though I tagged them in a post?

The FIN-FSA is often tagged in posts on X. Although we monitor discussion and pass on information about it to our experts, we cannot comment on matters concerning our supervised entities or on suspected infringements in X chats.

This is because supervisory matters are, as a rule, confidential. We also cannot comment on incomplete matters. We publish information about our supervised entities only in limited cases, such as in connection with administrative sanctions. 

Even so, we are still grateful that social media users take notice of us and bring matters to our attention by tagging us in posts. Social media is not, however, the right channel for reporting infringements.

How can I report my suspicions of wrongdoing to the FIN-FSA?

The FIN-FSA has its own channels for the reporting of suspected infringements. Free-form correspondence on the conduct of a FIN-FSA supervised entity can be submitted to the FIN-FSA Registry by post, email or fax. More detailed instructions can be found on the page Correspondence with the FIN-FSA.

Choose the appropriate correspondence channel depending on the nature of the correspondence. An anonymous report can also be made to the FIN-FSA. Recommendations for different types of reports and links to guidance concerning them can be found on the page Report suspected infringement.

Other contacts

If you have any questions about the work of the FIN-FSA, additional contact information can be found on our Contact information page.

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