Conduct of insurance business

The Conduct of Insurance Business Division of the Financial Supervisory Authority (FIN-FSA) is part of the Department of Insurance Supervision.

We oversee the conduct, marketing, insurance products and general implementation of customer protection in the insurance provision of insurance companies and insurance intermediaries operating in Finland and we maintain the Financial Supervisory Authority’s Register of Insurance Intermediaries.

We supervise unemployment funds’ financial condition, administration and codes of conduct. The objective of supervision is to ensure that unemployment funds comply with the law in their codes of conduct and application of legal provisions, and that the funds pay the required benefits to their members. We annually confirm unemployment funds’ membership fees and handle applications relating to mergers and amendments to fund rules. We maintain a register of unemployment funds.

We also supervise the codes of conduct of the Employment Fund and the Finnish Unemployment Funds’ Support Fund. 

The FIN-FSA cannot, however, change individual decisions given by unemployment funds or insurance companies; if you are dissatisfied with a decision, you may file an appeal by following the instructions enclosed with the decision.

Unemployment funds

Insurance intermediaries