Available FIN-FSA e-services

Managers’ transactions

Notifications to register of prospectuses (in Finnish)

• Notifications to the FIN-FSA’s register of prospectuses (approved prospectuses, supplements to prospectuses, and final terms and conditions)

Fit & Proper notifications (in Finnish)

• Notifications on the fitness and propriety of the management and persons responsible for key functions of the FIN-FSA’s supervised entities (banks, investment firms, fund management companies and alternative fund managers)

Incident report

Customer complaints notifications (in Finnish): reporting to the FIN-FSA of the number of customer complaints received by supervised entities

  • three forms for different sectors: banking services, insurance services and investment services
  • scope of reporting, reporting periods and deadlines can be found in the e-services link above
  • reporting is a recurring obligation – at the end of each reporting period, the system creates a form template for reporting the period just ended by the deadline

Tied agent notifications (in Finnish): notification of tied agents used in investment services to the FIN-FSA’s Register of Tied Agents

  • the information to be reported is: new tied agents, changes concerning tied agents and termination of contracts
  • the reported information is updated in the Register of Tied Agents on the FIN-FSA’s website with a delay – after the next update action, usually within a day

Notification of net short positions

Public disclosure and the delay of disclosure of inside information