Supervised entities shall submit the information required by the FIN-FSA for the assessment of ML/TF risks. The reference date of data collected is annually 31 December and the deadline for reporting to the FIN-FSA is 28 February.

The data collection concerns the following groups of supervised entities:

  • Credit institutions
  • Authorized payment institutions and registered payment service providers
  • Investment firms
  • Fund management companies and alternative investment fund managers
  • Life insurance and non-life insurance companies
  • Consumer credit providers and peer-to-peer lenders
  • Virtual currency providers

The form templates and instructions of the data collection on the risks and controls of money laundering, terrorist financing and sanctions (RA, Risk Assessment Questionnaire can be accessed via the links below.

RA data collection, form templates (excel)
RA-data collection - instructions (pdf)

Further information on the FIN-FSA website