Financial Supervisory Authority e-services

Supervised entities’ and other financial market participants’ submissions to the Financial Supervisory Authority (FIN-FSA) will be centralised in the electronic services (e-services) system for those e-services included in the system. The e-services are intended for submissions required under financial market regulations, such as various notifications, reports, applications and other documents or transactions related to supervisory information.

Available FIN-FSA e-services

Managers’ transactions [link to e-service]

  • Notification of transactions of securities issuers’ managers and their close associates

Customer complaint reports [link to e-service]

  • Reports on customer complaints received by FIN-FSA supervised entities (insurance companies, credit institutions, investment firms, fund management companies and alternative investment fund managers).

Tied agent notifications [link to e-service]

  • Notifications to the FIN-FSA’s Register of Tied Agents on the use of tied agents in investment services

Logging in to FIN-FSA e-services

FIN-FSA e-services log-in page

E-services testing environment

The FIN-FSA’s e-services can be tested in a production test environment intended for that purpose, which you can log in to via the service or a which is logged in via the service or using FIN-FSA identifying credentials. In the test environment, you can continuously test existing e-services as well as new e-services introduced for testing. The data remains in the test database and are not treated as actual transactions. If necessary, separate agreement can be reached on case handling of test transactions in the FIN-FSA (message function and notifications of decisions or acknowledgments).

Log in to the test environment via the link

Any queries related to the FIN-FSA’s e-services can be sent to the address: fiva-asiointi(at)