Identification in the identification service

A person accessing FIN-FSA e-services is identified in the service.

Citizens of Finland (Finnish personal identification number), other EU countries (EIDAS identification) and foreign actors (Finnish Authenticator application) may access Finnish e-services via identification. Users must be identified using strong identification via the service.

Identification can take place with:

  • personal online banking codes
  • a mobile certificate
  • a certification card
  • an EIDAS token
  • the Finnish Authenticator application

When using identification, the user undertakes to comply with the terms and conditions set for the use of online banking codes, certificate card, mobile certificate or other means of identification, to which the user agrees in the adoption agreement.

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Granting and requesting mandates in e-Authorisations

An entity (with a business ID) accessing FIN-FSA e-services can be represented by a person who has the right of representation under the Trade Register or the Business Information System (YTJ) or who has been granted a mandate via

When you grant another person or company a mandate, i.e. the right, to use the services on your or your company’s behalf, this must be done with e-Authorisations. In the service, you can also request a mandate to act on behalf of another person or company.

When granting or requesting a mandate, the individuals or companies are selected first. The matters to which the mandate applies are then selected. Finally, you define the period of validity of the mandate. When you grant a mandate, its validity starts on the day you have defined as the start date. When you request a mandate, its validity does not start until the recipient has confirmed your request.

Foreign users who do not have a Finnish personal identification code must apply for a mandate provided by an official in the mandate service provided by officials.

With regard to FIN-FSA e-services, the most important cases of authorisation are:

  • acting on behalf of another person
    • a person may grant a mandate for transactions to another person or company
    • a person or company may request a mandate for transactions from another person
  •  acting on behalf of a company
    • a company may grant a mandate to another person or company
    • a person or company may request a mandate from another person or company

In the service, companies may authorise a private individual or another company to act on their behalf in the following FIN-FSA matters:

  • Reporting of managers’ transactions
  • Reporting related to fit and proper assessments of personnel in the financial sector
  • A financial sector entity’s report on customer complaints
  • Notification of use of tied agent in investment services
  • Confirmation of the rules of a mutual fund
  • Financial sector incident reports
  • Notification of short positions
  • Notification of delayed disclosure of inside information

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2.1 Logging in to FIN-FSA e-services

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