Supervisory Disclosure

One of the objectives behind prudential regulation and supervision is to increase transparency. With increased disclosure requirements for supervisors, supervised entities and other interested parties can receive information on prudential regulation and the execution of supervision in a centralised manner. Identical implementation of the disclosure requirement among the EU supervisors also allows meaningful comparison of information between the EU countries. This serves to promote both the uniformity of supervisory methods and the integration of the EU single market.

The supervisory disclosure requirement is based on Article 57(1) of Investment Firm Directive of (EU 2029/2034.

The Commission Implementing Regulation (2022/389) specifies the format, structure, contents list and annual publication date of the information to be disclosed.

The required information published by the FIN-FSA is organised in the following sections:

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Rules and guidance

This section provides information on national laws, regulations and guidelines pertaining to prudential supervision.

Rules and guidance (excel)

Options and national discretions

This section provides information on the options and national discretions exercised by Finland on the basis of EU regulations.

Options and discretions (excel)

Supervisory review

This section provides information on the application of international regulations concerning the investment firms’ Supervisory Review and Evaluation Process (SREP) in Finland. The purpose of the SREP is to ensure that supervised entities hold sufficient regulatory capital to cover their material risks and have in place sound corporate governance as well as internal control and risk management processes to ensure their operational stability. The SREP includes both quantitative and qualitative elements focusing on the level of risk management.

Supervisory review and evaluation process (SREP) (excel)

Statistical data

This section provides national statistical data on investment firms.

Statistics (excel)

The corresponding information published by the prudential supervisors of the other EU countries is available via the website of the European Banking Authority (EBA).