Equity Savings Account Service Providers

Under section 4 of the Act on Equity Savings Accounts (680/2019), the Financial Supervisory Authority (FIN-FSA) will make a registration decision in respect of those actors that have submitted sufficient data to allow for a registration decision to be made. The present page will be used temporarily to publish the registration decisions until the FIN-FSA’s official register is made available on the FIN-FSA website. Once this functionality is in place, the FIN-FSA will remove this temporary list of registered actors.

So far, the following actors have been registered by the FIN-FSA:

Name Business ID Date of registration
Nordnet Bank AB Finnish Branch 2329589-2 18 Nov 2019
Nordea Bank Abp 2858394-9 9 Dec 2019
Danske Bank A/S, Finland Branch 1078693-2 9 Dec 2019
Saxo Bank A/S 15731249 (Danish Business ID)                      19 Dec 2019
Ålandsbanken Abp 0145019-3 16 Mar 2020