Register of prospectuses

Security prospectuses and listing particulars approved by the FIN-FSA and offer documents for public bids are published in the register of prospectuses, which also includes information on prospectuses that have been approved and notified to the FIN-FSA by other competent authorities within the European Economic Area.

The FIN-FSA assumes no responsibility for the contents of the prospectuses or for the prospectuses being accurate and up to date. The publication of a prospectus in the register should not be considered as encouragement or advice to invest in the issuer’s securities.

The register is not a publication channel for prospectuses; the issuer still bears responsibility for publishing the prospectus and possible supplements to it on its own website.

The issuer has provided the FIN-FSA with the prospectus in electronic form to be published in the register of prospectuses. The official approved version of the prospectus is the version delivered to the FIN-FSA's registry.

Information on all prospectuses approved by the competent authorities in other EEA states is available on the website of the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA).

Search for prospectuses

Approved prospectuses and notifications for 1 January 2005 – 31 December 2020

Approved offer documents for public bids as from 1 January 2005

Approved prospectuses and notifications as from 1 January 2021

You can search for prospectuses in the register using one or more search criteria. The main search criteria are corporation, type of prospectus and time period. Enter the search criteria and click "Search".

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