Instructions for supervised entities on submitting an application

Supervised entities must prepare policies and procedures for the reporting and processing of suspected infringements, including measures to protect the whistleblower. The procedures must include instructions for employees on how to report suspected violations. The procedures must be commensurate with the nature and size of the supervised entity's activities.

If a supervised entity intends to use the FIN-FSA's reporting channel as a reporting channel referred to in chapter 7, section 8 of the AML Act, we request that you submit a free-format application to our registry (, referring in the subject line to an application to use the FIN-FSA's reporting channel to report suspected infringements of AML regulation.

The application must include the supervised entity's risk assessment and justifications why the supervised entity considers that the FIN-FSA's reporting channel would be adequate with a view to its size, activities as well as risks of money laundering and terrorist financing.

The application will be processed by the FIN-FSA, and the FIN-FSA will subsequently submit its decision on the matter.

The permission granted by the FIN-FSA is subject to a fee. The fee for the permission is determined on the basis of work spent on processing the application.