Payment cards

How do I use a payment card safely?

  • Keep the card and PIN separate and safe at all times.
  • Make sure that you are not observed when entering your PIN to accept payment. Block the view with your other hand, for example, to prevent unauthorised persons from seeing what you enter.
  • Don’t forget your card in the reader.
  • If you lose your card or it is stolen, promptly notify the card blocking service (phone 020-333) or your own bank.
  • Do not give your card to another person.
  • Check regularly that your card is safe.
  • Set suitable withdrawal limits on your card.
  • Never disclose your card’s PIN to another person.
  • Do not disclose your card number on the phone, in an email or on a website if you are not sure that the party requesting the number is to be trusted.

My card was stolen. Am I liable for purchases made with it?

As a customer, you are not liable for unauthorised payment transactions if you have acted with normal care and according to the terms and conditions of the card. The bank will then compensate you for the sum of the unauthorised payment transactions. Your liability for use of the card also ultimately expires when you have notified the bank or other appropriate institution of the card’s loss or unauthorised use.

If, however, you have acted negligently with respect to the use, storage or notification of loss of the card, you may be liable for unauthorised payment transactions. Your liability is limited, however, to EUR 50; the bank will compensate you for the rest. This limitation of liability does not, however, apply if you are found to have acted negligently or intentionally.