Consultation of market participants supports development of operations

The Board of FIN-FSA annually consults financial market participants as well as representatives of consumers and other users of financial market services. In the consultation the market participants tell the Board their views on supervisory objectives and their implementation and on the FIN-FSA budget. Expected changes in the supervisory work are also discussed as well as their effects on the supervisory fees.

The FIN-FSA Board consults financial market participants at least once a year. The consultation is arranged as a panel discussion.

Members of the panel in 2019–2021

Appointed members

  • Tommi Toivola, Director; Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK)
  • Jari Eklund, Group Director; Finance Finland (FFI)
  • Piia-Noora Kauppi, Managing Director; Finance Finland (FFI)
  • Harri Nummela, Executive Vice President; Finance Finland (FFI)
  • Leena Linnainmaa, Deputy Director General, Chamber of Commerce
  • Juha Beurling, Secretary General, Consumers' Union of Finland
  • Henrik Husman, President, Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd
  • Timo Rothovius, Chairman, Finnish Shareholders Union
  • Sari Lounasmeri, CEO, Finnish Foundation for Share Promotion
  • Suvi-Anne Siimes, CEO, Finnish Pension Alliance TELA

Appointed deputy members

  • Santeri Suominen, Expert; Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK)
  • Petri Nikkilä, Head of Personal Banking; Finance Finland (FFI)
  • Esko Kivisaari, Deputy Managing Director; Finance Finland (FFI)
  • Timo Rikkonen, Senior Legal Counsel; Finance Finland (FFI)
  • Antti Turunen, Legal Counsel, Chamber of Commerce
  • Paula Pessi, Consumer Economist, Consumers' Union of Finland
  • Jaakko Raulo, Director, Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd
  • Tuomo Katajamäki, Vice Chairman, Finnish Shareholders Union
  • Kiia Etelävuori, Head of Communications, Finnish Foundation for Share Promotion
  • Nikolas Elomaa, Director, Finnish Pension Alliance TELA