Reporting release 19 August 2019 – 19/2019

EIOPA has released Solvency II Taxonomy version 2.4.0 for life and non-life insurance companies | EIOPA

European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority EIOPA has released Taxonomy version 2.4.0 for Solvency II reporting.

The related files are available on EIOPA website.

Changes in 2.4.0:

  • 96 validations
  • Additional technical fields in the Basic information templates to be used based on a direct EIOPA request
  • Introduction of LAC DT dedicated tables in S/SR.25 templates.
  • Significant modification to S/SR.26.01 templates.
  • Introduction of additional tables to be reported in S/SR.26.07 templates.
  • Moderate modifications to S/SR.27.01 templates.
  • Improvements to the tables dedicated to Simplifications in S/SR.26 and S/SR.27 templates.
  • Modelling of S.23.04.04 template updated.

Further information can be found in Detailed change log and Annotated Templates

The Taxonomy documentation includes:

  • Taxonomy Licence
  • Release notes
  • List of Known Issues
  • DPM Dictionary
  • Annotated Templates
  • Detailed change log between 2.4.0 and 2.3.0 hotfix
  • Detailed change log between 2.4.0 and 2.4.0 PWD
  • The DPM Documentation
  • The list of validations
  • Validation Syntax
  • XBRL Taxonomy (as taxonomy package)
  • XBRL Taxonomy documentation
  • XBRL Filing Rules
  • The DPM database
  • Unified DPM database with Solvency 2 and Pension Funds
  • The business package supporting Taxonomy 2.4.0

The new Taxonomy is used starting from 2019 annual reporting and Q4 2019 quarterly reporting.

Additional information:

  • S2Helpdesk(at)