Reporting release 19 October 2021 – 29/2021

Management letters of credit institutions’ branches operating in Finland must be submitted to the FIN-FSA by 11 November 2021 I EBA

From the 2020 fee period onwards, the ECB's annual fees have been levied on an ex-post basis based on calculations relying on existing supervisory data.

Fee-paying branches from non-SSM countries operating in Finland must submit a standard letter from management certifying the total assets of the branches to the FIN-FSA by 11 November 2021. Branches must submit a management letter even if supervisory fees are calculated based on FINREP reporting.

The data to be referred to by the branches shall be data for the end of the previous year, unless the branch has been founded during the supervisory fee period, in which case the data to be referred to shall be the data for the end of the quarter following the founding of the branch. If a branch has been established during 2021, the branch must not only complete the standard letter from management but also the template for collecting supervisory fee factors and send it together with the management letter to the FIN-FSA by 11 November 2021. Further information on the supervisory fees can be found on the ECB website.

Management certification letters shall be sent by email to the FIN-FSA at: EKP_valvontamaksut(at)

Alternatively, management certification letters may also be submitted by letter to the address: Finanssivalvonta, PL 103, 00101 Helsinki. The envelope should be marked “ECB’s Supervisory fees/FIDATA/Mattinen”.

For further information, please contact

  • EKP_valvontamaksut(at)
  • SSM-fee-enquiries(at)


Instructions for completing the templates for collecting supervisory fee factors
Management letter template