Reporting release 6 May 2021 – 9/2021

Signature certificates updated in reporting encryption software and CSV-format reporting applications | EBA, EIOPA, ESMA, National reporting (Virati)

The signature certificates of the reporting encryption software BofCryptNxt and BofCryptNxtConsole as well as of the CSV-format reporting applications have been updated.

The encryption software update concerns all reporters submitting CSV-format reports to the Financial Supervisory Authority.

The BofCryptNxtConsole encryption software is included in the installation packages of all Virati workbooks downloadable in the Jakelu distribution service. Both encryption software can be used to encrypt reports generated directly from the reporter's own systems. The signature certificates of the FIN-FSA reporting application (XBRL/XML) have been updated earlier and are up to date.

Further information is available on request by email at VIRATIhelpdesk(at)