Reporting release 4 March 2024 – 04/2024

Data collections have been added to the Validation service of the new Financial Supervisory Authority Reporting System | National reporting (Virati)

Reporting obligations for the following data collections have been added to the Validation service:

  • FA tables (FA)
  • FT tables (FT)
  • Capital adequacy (RVA)
  • Unemployment fund statistics (KT)
  • Lending and past due assets (MJ)
  • Large exposures (MU)

FA, FT, RVA and KT data collections will be reported as of reference date 31 March 2024 and MJ and MU data collections as of reference date 30 June 2024 via the FIN-FSA’s Reporter Portal.

The document Known issues in the reporter portal is available online.
Users should notify the FIN-FSA about any possible shortcomings in the Reporting System.

User instructions for the Reporting System have been published on the FIN-FSA’s website:
Financial Supervision Authority’s user instructions for its system for reporting the financial standing and risks of supervised entities

Description of machine-language data transmission of Virati and Vakra reporting of Financial Supervisory Authority’s new reporting system has been published: Technical instructions - Reporting instructions -

It is possible to log in to the Validation service via the following web address:

More information

  • For further information on the reform of the Reporting System, see the FIN-FSA’s website.
  • FIN-FSA’s instructions on access authorisations for the Reporting System.

For further information, please contact:

  • Contact channel primarily through Reporter Portal
  • Questions related to the reform of the Reporting System: NewReportingSystem(at)