News release 23 September 2014 – 13/2014

Unemployment funds 2013: Expenditures for earnings-related daily allowances increased, processing times reasonable

In 2013, unemployment funds’ expenditures for earnings-related daily allowances increased by almost 20% on the previous year. However, the processing times of applications were reasonable.

The average processing time for applications for full earnings-related daily allowance was 10 days. The processing time decreased by one day on the previous year. The number of decisions issued increased.

Except for one unemployment fund, expenditures for earnings-related daily allowances increased. Allowances paid to self-employed persons increased by almost 25%.

Membership in employee funds declined for the fourth consecutive year. By contrast, funds for the self-employed saw a continued increase in membership.

The data presented above are based on FIN-FSA’s Finnish-language annual release on unemployment funds, – Työttömyyskassat 2013. Each year, FIN-FSA publishes statistical data on unemployment fund operations, benefits paid, beneficiaries and membership volumes.

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