News release 23 April 2024 – 6/2024

Information on the entry into force of MiCA and requirements concerning crypto-asset activities added to FIN-FSA website

Regulation concerning the issuance of crypto-assets becomes applicable on 30 June 2024. As of 30 December 2024, the provision of crypto-asset service will require authorisation. Instructions on how to apply for authorisation as well as other information on crypto-assets and related regulation is available on the FIN-FSA website:

The EU Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation (EU) 2023/1114 (so-called MiCA), regulates:

  • the issuance of crypto-assets
  • the offering of crypto-assets to the public
  • the seeking of admission to trading of crypto-assets; and
  • the provision of crypto-asset services.

In accordance with MiCA, crypto-asset services may also be provided by financial entities that already have another authorisation granted by the FIN-FSA than an authorisation as a crypto-asset service provider. With the exception of credit institutions, the range of allowed crypto-asset services has been limited based on the type of authorisation. However, financial entities, including credit institutions, must file a notification of the matter to the FIN-FSA before providing these services.

For further information, please contact:

In non-urgent questions related to MiCA, you may contact us at: MiCAquestions(at)

Please note, however, that this email inbox is not read on a daily basis and that we do not take receipt of applications for authorisation under the MiCA Regulation or other inquiries requiring urgent action via this email address.