Supervision release 7 May 2015 – 18/2015

Collection of supervisory fee data by the European Central Bank

​According to Article 30 of the SSM Regulation, the ECB shall levy an annual supervisory fee on credit institutions established in the participating Member States and branches established in a participating Member State by a credit institution established in a non-participating Member State. The ECB has already contacted by mail the supervised entities subject to the supervisory fee. Responsibility for the whole fee collection process lies with the ECB; national supervisors are responsible only for the collection of the fee factors and submitting them to the ECB.

The size of the supervisory fee is based on the fee factors of each supervised entity, i.e. the total value of assets and the total risk exposure. More information on the determination of supervisory fees is available in ECB Regulation 1163/2014.

The fee factors are collected using a specific reporting application, which will be published in the Jakelu Distribution Service in the beginning of June once the ECB has confirmed to the Financial Supervisory Authority (FIN-FSA) the list of supervised entities subject to the supervisory fee. The reporting application is based on the templates depicted in Annexes I and II of ECB Decision 2015/530 on supervisory fee factors. Instructions for the completion of supervisory fee templates are available also on the ECB's website on Banking Supervision (see link below). The supervised entities shall submit the fee factors to FIN-FSA on Wednesday 1 July 2015 at the latest. The fee factors are based on the reporting procedures already applied, but in accordance with the ECB Decision, for the purpose of supervisory fees, the data must be reported using specific templates. The reporting obligation applies only to supervised entities that are fee debtors.

The instructions for the completion of the supervisory fee templates list the situations in which the supervised entity shall submit, in addition to the fee factors, an auditor's verification. The ECB has not laid down any specific requirements for selection of the auditing firm.

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