Reporting release 26 October 2017 – 7/2017

Changes in FINREP reporting for Investment firms, Fund management companies, and AIFM companies starting 31 March 2018 | EBA

The FINREP templates will change starting reporting date 31.3.2018 due to the implementation of IFRS 9 financial reporting standard. FIN-FSA will switch to use XBRL format in all reporting of FINREP, also including investment firms, fund management companies and AIFM companies. The present COREP reporting is also in XBRL format.

The reporting institutions shall in good time ensure themselves that they can report the FINREP data collection in XBRL format. Further information on reporting in XBRL format is available on FIN-FSA webpages under the section General description of the XBRL.

When reporting it is possible to use the FIVA reporting application which is available for downloading in Jakelu distribution service (XBRL/XML). A demo version of the FIVA reporting application (XBRL/XML) and FINREP 9 templates is also available for downloading in Jakelu distribution service (Reporting release 6/2017).

The reporting application and the templates to be used when reporting Q1/2018 data are estimated to be published in Jakelu distribution service in March 2018. There will be a separate announcement about the publication.

The national appendix templates FA and FT will remain unchanged and are reported in CSV format.

If necessary, please contact EBAReportingHelpdesk(at) for further information.