Reporting release 5 May 2021 – 8/2021

EBA DPM 3.0 version testable with demo version of FIN-FSA Reporting Application and reporting test environment

A demo version of the FIN-FSA Reporting Application (XBRL/XML) and Excel-workbooks including European Banking Authority's (EBA) DPM 3.0 version updates are available for download in the Jakelu distribution service. DPM 3.0 version updates are testable in the reporting test environment. DPM 3.0 version updates affect the reporting of credit institutions, investment firms, fund management companies and alternative investment fund managers.

The demo version of the Reporting Application and workbooks are downloaded from the Jakelu distribution service: Messages and news – Demo version of the FIN-FSA Reporting Application / FIVA Tiedonkeruusovellus (XBRL/XML) and workbooks. In the workbooks it is possible to enter values, save a submission file and a CSV file as well as import data to the workbooks.

The Reporting Application and workbooks are not versions intended for reporting. Development will continue in the Financial Supervision Authority until the publication of final Reporting Application version and workbooks intended for reporting (estimated release date mid-May).

It is not technically possible to implement all the checks into the Reporting Application. Reports can be sent to the reporting test environment for validation before submitting the official report to Financial Supervisory Authority. The use of the reporting test environment is recommended.

The Financial Supervision Authority hopes that the reporters will test the DPM 3.0 version updates as comprehensively as possible.

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