Reporting release 14 June 2021 – 15/2021

Reform of the Reporting System

Invoke selected as supplier

The Financial Supervisory Authority (FIN-FSA) has selected the Invoke e-Regulatory system as the new Reporting System. The Reporting System delivery project with Invoke began at the end of May 2021.

First reports will move to the new system in summer 2022

The system reform covers EBA ITS, EIOPA ITS, ESMA and national (Virati) regulatory reporting. Reports will be submitted to the new system as of the dates given below. The final timetable will be further specified during spring 2022.

Date Regulatory reporting
31 July 2022 COREP LCR DA and ALMM
31 December 2022 Solvency 2, Pension Fund, Pan-European Personal Pension Product and national data collections S, R, LTC, RA and VJ
31 March 2023 AIFMD, CSDR 7, CSDR 9 and MMF

The timetable for national data collections other than the five mentioned above will be further specified during spring 2022.

Reporter Portal

In the new Reporting System, reporters will have access to a Reporter Portal in which Finnish and foreign reporters will be identified and authorised via the service. Communication between the FIN-FSA and the reporter will take place via the Reporter Portal, and communication by email will be discontinued.

Reports submitted via portal or interface

Each reporter will see its own reporting obligations in the Reporter Portal. In the Reporter Portal, the reporter can either upload reports it has produced itself or complete data collection-specific web forms. It will also be possible to submit reports to the FIN-FSA directly from the reporter’s own reporting system via an interface (A2A) provided for the reporter. No web forms are planned for CSDR7, CSDR9, and MMF data collections, so reports can either be uploaded to the Reporting System in the Reporter Portal or submitted through the interface.

In the new Reporting System, national reporting will continue to be in CSV format.

For submitted reports, the reporter will receive reporting feedback via both the Reporter Portal and interface (A2A) directly to the reporter’s own reporting system. Reporters will also be able to download submitted reports and reporting feedback in Excel format from the portal.

Test environment for reporters’ use

Reporters will also have access to a test environment. Reporters may submit their reports to the testing environment for checking before submitting the official report to the FIN-FSA.

Production of reporting applications will end

Production of the FIN-FSA’s reporting applications will end as reporting is transferred to the new Reporting System. If, in the future, reporters need to use tools in the production of reports, there are available on the market commercial applications for the production of reports.

Training and communication on the new system

Training on the use of the new Reporting System will be provided before its introduction. Guidelines on reporting will be published on the FIN-FSA’s website. Reporters may participate in testing the system before the first reporting begins in summer 2022.

The Reporting System reform will be discussed in a reporting webinar in the autumn 2021.

Supervised entities will be informed of the progress of the Reporting System reform as new information becomes available.

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