Reporting release 3 May 2021 – 7/2021

Reports of data collections concerning remuneration can be reported to FIN-FSA

The reports of data collections concerning remuneration (REM BM and REM HE) can now be reported to the FIN-FSA. The Excel workbooks of the FIN-FSA reporting application (XBRL/XML) are available for downloading in the Jakelu distribution service. Downloading the new workbooks is necessary for all reporters in the data collections concerning remuneration. The collection of data concerns reporting on credit institutions and investment services.

In connection with the publication of phase 2 of DPM version 3.0 (18 March 2021), the EBA retroactively revised the taxonomy (1.0.1) of the REM and REM HE data collections for the reporting reference date 31 December 2020 and specified the REM data collection as REM BM (Remuneration Benchmarking Reporting).

The REM BM reporting only concerns supervised entities designated by the EBA.

As regards the REM HE report, the applicable practice changes, and everyone must submit it even if there is nothing to report. The REM HE report is used to report everyone earning more than EUR 1 million in the relevant reporting year, or the report is submitted as an empty report, so-called zero report.

The report submission date to the FIN-FSA is 30 June 2021.

It is not technically feasible to implement all validations in the FIN-FSA reporting application, but the reports can be submitted for validation into the test environment before submitting the official report to the FIN-FSA. The use of the reporting test environment is advisable.


Further information

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