Reporting release 25 April 2022 – 06/2022

Instructions for e-Authorizations service published for reporters | EBA

Access authorisations for the Financial Supervisory Authority’s new Reporting System, to be introduced in summer 2022, will operate via the e-Authorisations service, and reporters will manage the authorisations themselves. Management of authorisations is of current interest particularly for entities that report the following data collections to the Financial Supervisory Authority (FIN-FSA)


The above-mentioned data collections will be reported via the FIN-FSA’s Reporter Portal as of reference date 31 July 2022. A test environment for the new Reporting System will be opened to reporters during June 2022.

The FIN-FSA has published instructions on authorisations for the Reporter Portal. During the spring, additional instructions will be published on the introduction of services. In addition to the FIN-FSA, the e-Authorizations service provides its own instructions and support for using the service.

Instructions on authorisations for the Reporter Portal

Timetable for transfer of data collections to Reporter Portal

Information on e-Authorizations -

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