News release 5 June 2020 – 11/2020

Unemployment funds’ operating environment has changed significantly in spring 2020 – In 2019, earnings-related daily allowance expenditure and number of daily allowance beneficiaries still continued to decline

In 2019, unemployment funds’ earnings-related daily allowance expenditure continued to decline. Compared with the previous year, expenditure declined by 11%. A total of EUR 1.7 billion in earnings-related daily allowances was paid. The number of earnings-related daily allowance beneficiaries decreased by 6% and the number of allowance days paid by 11%.

Job alternation compensation expenditure remained almost at the previous year's level, amounting to just under EUR 28 million. The number of people receiving job alternation compensation decreased by 6% from the previous year.

In 2019, unemployment funds paid commuting and relocation allowances totalling EUR 2.7 million. This represents a 11% decline from the previous year. The objective of the commuting and relocation allowance is to incentivise unemployed job seekers to accept a job or job-related training also outside their commuting area.

The processing times for earnings-related daily allowance applications remained stable. The average processing time for all funds in favourable decisions on full earnings-related daily allowance was seven days, i.e. one day fewer than in the previous year.

The data presented above are based on the FIN-FSA’s Finnish-language annual online release on unemployment funds – Työttömyyskassat 2019. Due to the change of circumstances, the FIN-FSA has increased the frequency of publication of information on unemployment funds’ application numbers and expenditures so that they are now updated monthly.

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Työttömyyskassat 2019 (in Finnish, pdf and Excel tables)