News release 22 January 2021 – 1/2021

Statistical survey of motor liability insurance 2015–2019: 2019 was a peak year for investment activities, but the underwriting result was depressed by supplementary provisions made towards the end of the review period

In 2019, premiums written on motor liability insurance increased a little less than one percent on the previous year, to EUR 715 million. At the end of the year, a total of 34 insurance companies provided motor liability insurance in Finland, a reduction of one company from the previous year. Of the insurance companies, 28 were Finnish companies and 6 were foreign EEA insurance companies. Foreign insurance companies accounted for 22% of the premiums written.

The result recorded on motor liability insurance in 2019 was somewhat lower than an average level. The result of EUR 72 million was approximately 11% in proportion to net premiums earned, whereas the five-year average ratio was approximately 15%. The result percentage was at the same level as in the previous year, but the composition of the result was significantly different. In 2019, the underwriting result, at EUR -165 million, was the lowest in the 5-year review period. The negative result was due to supplementary interest rate provisions made in 2019 to technical provisions. On the other hand, investment returns, at EUR 237 million, were the highest in the review period.

For the insurance class as a whole, business has been profitable, but there were notable differences between companies and years as to the components of the result.

The FIN-FSA’s statistical survey of motor liability insurance is based on data compiled from insurance companies. The survey presents tables, charts and calculations relating to premiums, market shares, key ratios and results. In addition to the aggregate data, financial performance data are published on a company-specific basis in a separate file.

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