News release 22 February 2021 – 3/2021

Wiseling Oy is not authorised by the Financial Supervisory Authority to provide investment services

The Financial Supervision Authority (FIN-FSA) has received an exceptional number of enquiries concerning the activities of Wiseling Oy (Business ID: Y-3138760-7). Most of these enquiries have focused on the services provided by the company, the reliability of activities, and authorisation. The FIN-FSA considers that the company is illegally providing investment services in financial instruments without an authorisation issued by the FIN-FSA. 

Providing investment services through which customers may invest in different types of financial instruments always requires a FIN-FSA-issued authorisation, which Wiseling Oy does not have. The registration of the company in the Trade Register or in the Finnish Business Information System (YTJ) does not replace this authorisation and does not entitle the company to provide these services. The company, moreover, has no activities at the address recorded in the registers in Finland.

The FIN-FSA urges the public to be cautious and to avoid investment services provided by the company in question. If customers have incurred financial losses related to the company’s activities, the FIN-FSA urges them to refer the matter to the local police.

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