Supervision release 22 December 2014 – 90/2014

European Banking Authority (EBA) issues revised list of ITS validation rules

The European Banking Authority (EBA) on 18 December 2014 posted on its website a revised list of ITS validation rules.

Some of the validation rules have been given the status "Blocking". Violation of these rules prevents the submission of reports to EBA starting from the reporting period Q1 2015.

EBA also deactivated some of the validation rules on 18 December 2014.  The revisions will be taken into account in the definitions of the COREP reporting application to be published in January 2015.  

As regards FINREP reporting, the formulas will be removed from the reporting application as of the reporting period Q1 2015.   As a result, error messages triggered by the following formulas for the reporting period Q4 2014 can be disregarded: v1221_m, v1251_m, v1930_h, v3898_s, v3957_s, v3959_s, v3960_s, v3961_s, v3968_s.

If a reporting institution considers that a formula marked as "Blocking" is incorrect, i.e., that it should not prevent the submission of reports to EBA, the reporting institution can submit a question regarding the formula in the Q/A section of the EBA website.

The press release and list of validation rules are available on the EBA website.

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