Press release 29 February 2016

Employee pension insurance companies’ activities aimed at the management of the risk of disability: Regulations and guidelines enter into force on 1 March 2016

The Financial Supervisory Authority (FIN-FSA) on 29 February 2016 issued guidelines on employee pension insurance companies' activities concerning the management of the risk of disability and related regulations on reporting that enter into force on 1 March 2016.

In enforcement, FIN-FSA pays particular attention to contracts signed by employee pension insurance companies and their other commitments aimed at the management of the risk of disability, as well as to the procedures for the competitive bidding of employee pension insurance companies.

FIN-FSA assesses these issues based on the guidelines issued.- It is important to bear in mind that by law, the purpose of employment pension insurance companies' activities is the administration of statutory pension insurance. This must guide all their activities, particularly the use of assets. It is also the basis for the supervision of the companies and their activities, states Advisor to the Management Erkki Rajaniemi.

Aim to improve enforcement and enhance competition neutrality spring 2014 FIN-FSA decided to include in its inspection plan a thematic inspection of wellness at work. The scope of the inspection was the same for all the employee pension insurance companies. The inspection was completed in summer 2015, and the results were published in September 2015. Overall, the results of the inspection show that the procedures of employee pension insurance companies are not uniform.To promote convergence of procedures and taking into consideration FIN-FSA's statutory tasks, as well as the competitive use of pension assets, FIN-FSA deemed it necessary to issue general guidelines on the management of the risk of disability as well as regulations on reporting.

The purpose of the regulations and guidelines is to improve the supervision of the activities, competition and use of assets of employee pension insurance companies. The guidelines include principles recommended by FIN-FSA on the provision of services aimed at the management of the risk of disability.

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Regulations and guidelines 1/2016: Risk of disability: Employee pension insurance companies (in Finnish) 

Term unemployment changed to disability on 31 March 2016.